Tswelopele Labs

We are a company dedicated to improving human movement and post-operative pain management.  Tswelopele Labs technology builds upon the technical foundation of its Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Andre Boezaart.

Smart Ambulatory Infusion Device

Tswelopele is developing a patent-pending Smart Ambulatory Infusion Device for:

(i) mitigating pain management in a post-operative setting;

(ii) reducing unnecessary hospital stays; and

(iii) reducing patient exposure to opioid medications.

Second Generation Catheter Technology

Tswelopele owns the Patented technology for improved placement of Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks using ultrasound in combination with electrical stimulation.

Golf Pace

Tswelopele owns Patented technology for improving the pace of a golf swing based on a golfer’s natural harmonics.


We are located in Richmond, Va. We additionally have a research and development lab located in South Africa.